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Why You Need the Boardroom Before the Startup Garage-A Journey of Lessons from Corporate to Founder.

It's an exciting world we live in – where dreams turn into reality, ideas become companies, and startups redefine industries. But while the allure of the startup ecosystem is magnetic, let me share a personal perspective: The corporate ladder can be the best training ground before you plunge into the entrepreneurial pool.

In a career spanning 18 years, from the grounds of Tata Chemicals to the boardrooms of Tata Global Beverages as a Project Lead-CSR, I learned countless lessons that have become the pillars of my startup venture. This journey, punctuated by experiences in global powerhouses like Ingersoll Rand and Danaher Inc., is the foundation that drives my success today.

Groundwork at Tata Chemicals

Fresh out of college, Tata Chemicals was my training arena. It was here that I learned the nuances of process-oriented working. Time management, disciplined execution, and honing my skill set were key takeaways from this stint. Understanding the chemical industry's dynamics also helped me appreciate the importance of industry-specific knowledge, a lesson I still hold dear.

Cross-industry Exposure at Ingersoll Rand and Danaher Inc.

My journey at Ingersoll Rand and Danaher Inc. was a masterclass in versatility and adaptation. Both companies are juggernauts in their own rights, and my time here shaped my cross-industry perspective. I understood how varying industries operate, what drives them, and how a strong strategy could be universally applicable across sectors. This exposure fostered a business intuition that would later play a pivotal role in steering my startup.

Honing Leadership at Tata Global Beverages

The final destination before my entrepreneurial leap was Tata Global Beverages. Here, I spearheaded teams and handled diverse departments across sales, marketing, and corporate communications. This was my opportunity to apply my cumulative learnings from the past and fine-tune my leadership style.

Handling a team isn't just about delegating tasks – it's about mentoring, nurturing talents, and aligning the team's efforts towards a common vision. This hands-on experience in team management and cross-functional leadership was invaluable, shaping my approach towards managing my startup.

Entrepreneurship: A New Chapter

With 18 years of corporate grind under my belt, I plunged into the world of startups. Believe me when I say, the corporate experience I gained was the linchpin that held my startup together, especially during the tumultuous early stages.

Navigating sales, handling marketing, streamlining operations, and communicating effectively – my corporate journey was the perfect dress rehearsal for this big show. The strategic outlook, industry insights, and leadership skills fostered in the corporate world allowed me to navigate the startup scene more confidently and avoid costly pitfalls.

Corporate Experience: The Unseen Advantage

For aspiring entrepreneurs, I cannot emphasize enough the advantage of a solid corporate stint. Apart from the industry-specific knowledge and practical skills, it's the soft skills, leadership acumen, and strategic outlook that become your guiding compass in the unpredictable startup seas.

Remember, it's not just about having a great idea; it's about executing it, scaling it, and making it a sustainable success. And all these require a sound understanding of business mechanics, which the corporate world can provide.

Entrepreneurship is indeed a beautiful journey, but it’s filled with highs and lows, hits and misses, and a fair share of obstacles. Having the solid bedrock of a corporate career gives you the strength, resilience, and wisdom to navigate this journey.

So, to all budding startup founders out there, consider a corporate job not as a detour from your entrepreneurial dream, but as a crucial training ground. Take it from someone who's been there – the boardroom can give you more than you can imagine before you step into the startup garage.



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